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Sungmould is located in Dongguan, the capital of mold manufacturing in China. Our city is known as the “factory of the world”, has been a global manufacturing base for electronic products such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, BBK Electronics, Samsung, Sony and many other computers, telecom, consumer and industrial electronics companies. Dongguan has a mature and complete processing supply chain. In our decades of custom machining services, we have had the privilege of working closely with most of these companies and their associated contract manufacturers on component design and manufacturing.

Sungmould produces customized products in a wide variety of fields and has an extraordinary ability to manufacture products with tight tolerances and very high cosmetic finishes. Our capabilities and expertise can be applied to many different markets, and with decades of experience, we understand the specific needs of your industry.

We specialize in high-precision solutions that combine performance, flexibility and care to take your ideas from concept to reality. Let us help you:

  • Design for Manufacturing Support
  • Prototyping and Development
  • Engineering and Injection Mold Manufacturing
  • Custom Plastic Injection Molding
  • Precisioin CNC Machining
  • Sheet Metal Stamping
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Project Management
  • Finishes, Assembly, Packaging
  • Work with short-term or high-volume contract manufacturers

On-Demand Manufacturing & Machining Services

From Product Design to Fulfiliment,We Do It All. 

Plastic Mould Building plastic mold manufacturing pvc mold tool maker

Mold Design & Tooling

injection molding custom plastic molding service

Plastic Injection Molding

round silicone mold making liquid silicone rubber molds Silicone Fidget Toy

Silicone & Rubber Parts

Precision cnc manufacturing cnc laser lathe cutting mill

CNC Machining

sheet stamping manufacturing sheet metal pressing metal stamping process progressive stamping
Sheet Metal Stamping
vacuum die casting aluminium pressure die casting manufacturer

Pressure Die Casting

product surface finishing treatment painting silkscreen electroplating for plastic products

Surface Finishing

plastic injection molding assembly product service

Assembly & Packaging

The Industries We Served

As one of the best plastic mold and injection molding companies in China, our capabilities and expertise can be applied in many different markets, and with decades of experience we understand the particular demands of your industry.

auto part mold car accessories mold automotive interior trim molding
Sports bottle injection blow mold production company
Precision plastic gears used in smart home products and smart electronic products
strip diffused wide angle acrylic optical led lens manufacturers ledil lens recessed street light epoxy led fresnel lens


Energy Market

Energy Market

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

The team at Sungmould is great, from initial mold design to final injection molding, with consistent attention to quality and customer support. They worked well with my exacting requirements, adjusting the mold to the manage the complex geometry of the final product. It’s been a pleasure to work with them over many years.

Viktor Bulchak


I have cooperated with Sungmould since 2014, and their quick response, professional advice, and good quality have made my project progress very smoothly. They are a group of serious people, worthy of my trust and dependence. Thanks.

Daniel Montanes


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